Performance Management

The SAP Employee Performance Management solution will help you to plan, measure, optimise, and analyse the performance of your workforce effectively from end to end. The system allows you to set individual objectives by cascading your enterprise strategy, in addition to assessing and managing performance through feedback, development, and appraisals. The solution offers robust functionality that includes self-assessments, measurable comparisons, corporate and team goal alignment, as well as supporting performance-based compensation. It is a highly adaptable solution which allows you to tailor both the content of the performance feedback documents and processes to the needs of your organisation.

One of the main advantages of the SAP Performance Management solution is that it integrates with many of the other Talent Management functions, including Competency Management, Talent Review and Calibration, Organizational Management, Compensation Management and Enterprise Learning, as well as other SAP components, such as standard SAP Authorizations and Business Warehouse. The tight integration will allow your HR department to tailor the performance feedback processes to the needs of your enterprise without the need for third-party bolt-ons. The solution is extremely flexible and can support your business from a simple appraisal standpoint to a comprehensive performance-planning and performance feedback process.

Our Performance Management team will support your complete implementation project. Together, we will design streamlined processes based on your performance strategy and specific requirements, as well as optimise the use of standard SAP functionality and even enhance the solution – if needed – to improve the overall user experience and process flow. Finally, we will provide go-live support and offer maintenance services whilst sharing knowledge and enabling your team.

Human Performance Improvement

Stakeholders require performance from their enterprises, processes, people and systems. EPI-USE offers products and services in the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) field that comply with the professional standards of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). With our offerings, you can ensure that your human capital management (HCM) and development endeavours have the maximum effect.

Our approach incorporates criterion referenced performance consulting methodologies for internal and external consulting interventions. We also offer these services and products in the context of the talent management models and best practice methodologies used in the ERP and general ICT industries. For example, in the businesses and organisations that use SAP ERP Human Capital and Talent Management solutions we enhance the impact of, and improve the management of the risk involved in, the upgrading HCM systems and services.

Our services include

  • Guidance on the alignment of all layers in the Talent Management and Learning Organisation: from strategy, processes, people, data through to IT application, in progressively more mature and integrated stages.
  • Refining the data frameworks and processes supporting and enabling improved Talent Management and Learning service delivery, for example, data models, data creation, data cleanup, data validation and maintenance.
  • Identifying the change management implications and formulating a practical change roadmap to enhance uptake and utilisation of the improved system functionality by employees.


HPI IntelligenceHPI Organisational Alignment

We consult with the aim to enhance performance as it pertains to aspects ranging from organisational strategy, balanced scorecard measures and critical skills, to full talent management alignment.

HPI Policies and Procedures

We use human performance as criteria for addressing issues ranging from human resource management and development, to integrating systems with processes, procedures and resources.

HPI Performance and Learning Programmed Design

We analyse and design roles required for successful performance. We support the organisation in designing learning paths to guide individuals and teams to mastery and continuous improvement. Our services include the training of project teams and internal performance and learning consultants in the criterion referenced methodologies. We also guide them to obtaining accreditation certification and recognition from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) professional body.

HPI Intelligence and Risk Management

We can support you to manage your company's intelligence thoroughly information models and master data frameworks required to realise the intended power of ERP and ICT system implementations for users and stakeholders. This process requires attention to the detailed preparation of for example, job profiling as the building block for managing the employee life cycle using these ERP and ICT systems